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CRM - Property Sale and Lease software

Specially designed for property brokers and real estate agents

The software optimizes each of the Lease and Sale Processes

Tailored to the different types of property managers

Manages the entire process of sale and lease of properties, from the collection to delivery to the new owner or tenant.

Allows you to track all milestones of the sale: reservation, negotiation, payment record, legal folder for study of titles, writing, financing, registration in the Real Estate Conservator, delivery of the property and payment of commissions to commercial executives.

Takes a detailed control of the clients and their requirements, preferred properties, visitation orders, objections and repairs, preventing the business processes from being stopped or lost due to lack of management.


All the information of the sale and lease process is at hand and easy to find.


The Property Sale and Lease software, is very friendly to use, intuitive and at the same time complete.


The application is highly customizable and configurable. You can adjust it according to your needs and requirements.


Efficiency in Sales and Lease Administration

Technology and Efficiency at the service of real estate needs

Software Model for Sale and Lease of Properties

A system designed by real estate experts.
Software Model for Sale and Lease of Pro

Contacts and Companies

Allows the registration of all Contacts and Companies that have a role in any part of the system, with their contact data, such as, name, phone, email, address, type of contact (owners, executives, tenants, banks, suppliers, etc.).

Detalles del software inmobiliario
We have a plan designed for each need
Various types of users find in BREAL tailor-made solutions
Detalles de Software de Propiedades

Property Sale and Lease software

Know all its features and functionalities

Includes 2 user licenses until 120 units

from US$ 936 / annual

plan CRM

’The invoicing of the products is annual. Chilean customers pay more VAT

Planes y Caracteristicas
Start today
Incorporating BREAL into your business is quick and easy
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