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Find out why more and more property managers are preferring BREAL

Important economic groups in the region already use BREAL to manage their properties

Many  types of businesses find in BREAL a solid and reliable tool to manage their real estate assets
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Without a doubt, the set of an Exceptional Platform such as SALESFORCE and COMMITTED PROFESSIONALS have made possible the creation of the Best Real Estate Management System

Designed and created by experts in the field, who not only made the effort to provide us with a Robust System, but also have a clear sense of INNOVATION. - It has no comparison with so-called World Class systems since BReal is well above them, for its Versatility, Intuitiveness and above all the explicit knowledge in the Real Estate market.

Estuardo Charles

Las Majadas


Re / max, world leader in property management, opts for BREAL for the administration of two of its offices in Santiago de Chile

"What a year ago was a tower of papers and whose information had to be entered manually, today it has been transformed into the simple digital administration of the real estate offer of Re / max, world leader in the sale and rental of properties."

Jaime Ulloa,

Broker, Remax Group.
Santiago de Chile.

Orrego y Souper builds trust with its customers thanks to BReal

"BREAL has everything I need, it is online and allows you to enter the information you need very quickly, the best thing is that I can enter from my cell phone, tablet or computer."

María Jesús Orrego Souper,

Dueña de Orrego & Souper.
Santiago de Chile.

BREAL allows us to be online and have access to all the required information, quickly and safely

"We were looking for a system that would help us and accommodate the administration, for our management, when we are asked what happens with this property or how profitable it is or how many times it has been leased, we had to start looking in folders, Excel spreadsheets and Now, it's much easier, because everything is on the screen, BREAL Estate allows us to be online and have access to all the required information, quickly and safely. "

Verónica Román,

Gerente de Operaciones de RK Propiedades.
Santiago de Chile.

I have all the information I need from each property with a single click

"We needed a platform that fully covers the administration in an efficient and fast way, changing from an Excel spreadsheet to a click has given me mobility, greater operability and independence, which allows me to work from anywhere, either from the office, a coffee, the property in question or my house If I used to manage 10 properties before, now I can manage 50 in the same time and no matter where I am”.

Carolina Ortiz,

Asset & Lease Administration Manager,

Colliers International Chile, consultora integral de asesoría inmobiliaria y financiera.
Santiago de Chile.

With BReal the efficiency increases and with it the income

"We needed to give more structure to our business and the tools available were very limited, businesses are going to the web, because that allows mobility, collaboration, access at any time and from anywhere, even from a telephone. be much more attractive, competitive and flexible. "

Vania Ruiz

Socia, Ventana Urbana.

With BREAL I have gained time...and much more.

"Looking for a program that would allow me to gain time in property management, I found BREAL...and in a few days I already had a powerful tool in my hands, which reduced my time in administering and increased my portfolio of property management. Now they have added a sales and lease area that is going very well, and my business is now easier and more professional, thanks to BREAL. "

Luis Daniel García,

Agente Inmobiliario, REMAX Sinergia.

Viña del Mar, Chile.

Administration time and associated costs have been reduced by 70%

"BREAL was tested for 18 months in Inmobiliaria BTG before becoming a product and marketed. The experience was remarkable! A reduction of 70% of management time was achieved, while the quality and depth of the service was increased towards the clients, both investors and tenants. The application is full adjustable to the needs of the company and never fails. Highly recommended. "

Roberto Anrique,

Gerente General Inmobiliaria BTG y Fundador de BReal.
Santiago de Chile.

BREAL is a very good tool for property management

"This product was chosen by our company in order to support the administration and control over the management of property leases. It offers a very good potential for generating information from the database. It allows in a short time to generate reports and modify them as required. The training sessions have been excellent, with a lot of detail and precision. Thank you very much. "

Alex Fernandez,

Subgerente, Inmobiliaria RBM.
Santiago de Chile.

BREAL is a very efficient system

"BREAL is a very advanced tool that requires some time to learn how to use it, but once you are familiar with the system, everything becomes much easier and more transparent for our customers, thanks for your patience."

Lorena Alvarez,

Agente Inmobiliario.
Santiago de Chile.

BREAL is an excellent tool for administration

"BREAL has allowed us to improve the quality of attention to our clients, both investors and tenants, by providing information in a timely and clear manner, for decision making, it has allowed us to improve response times and action." Definitely recommended. "

David Soto,

Socio en Simplex Propiedades.
Santiago de Chile.

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