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Vania Ruiz de Ventana Urbana

Vania Ruiz

Ventana Urbana

Ventana Urbana expands its business with BREAL Estate


We needed to give more structure to our business and the available tools were very limited, they only came to the orders of visits, other were client-server, so it required personnel for maintenance and operation. Businesses are going to the web, because that allows mobility, collaboration, access at any time and from anywhere, even from a phone. This makes the business much more attractive, competitive and flexible.

BREAL Estate was the exception, as it is web-based, having all the necessary processes integrated and being developed on the platform, which is not only a quality certificate but also allows many more things to be done.

With BREAL the efficiency increases and with it the income. Also, it is possible to manage a greater number of properties with the same resources. It allows us to provide a better service, which the customer appreciates.

Executives can enter from their home, office or property they are viewing; they can manage a lot between them; have all the contracts in one place, as well as the cost controls of a lease; total control; and ultimately make your job much easier.

Another important point is that you have the possibility of maintaining relationships with customers over time. In this area it happens a lot that, in the business of buying and selling properties, the relationship with most of our clients occurs in the lapse of a few months in which the operation lasts.

However, having a system like that of  BREAL that changes, since by allowing us to enter the business of property management on lease, relations with our customers can be maintained over time and thus also increase business opportunities, since we are the first option, if the client decides to put the property for sale again.

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