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Veronica Roman de rk propiedades

Verónica Román,

Gerente de Operaciones de RK Propiedades.

Santiago de Chile.

RK Propiedades Reduces your Management Time by 50% with BREAL Estate


One of the main benefits that BREAL Estate's online property management solution brings to the management of  RK Properties is time. "BREAL allows us to be online and have access to all the required information, quickly and safely," says Veronica Roman, Operations manager of RK Propiedades.

Always with the objective of providing specialized professional advice in the real estate area, using different supports that improve its management and optimize its services, RK Propiedades found in BREAL Estate the key ally for this. "We were looking for a system that will help us and accommodate the administration. For our management, when we are asked what happens with this property or what profitability it has or how many times it has been leased, we had to start looking in folders, Excel spreadsheets and taking out accounts. Now, it's much easier, because everything is on the screen. BREAL Estate allows us to be online and have access to all the required information, quickly and safely, "says Veronica Roman, operations manager of RK Propiedades.

Indeed, with BREAL Estate's online real estate management solution, RK Propiedades can access the best practices in the industry to optimize its work, in terms of technology, security, ease of use and indicators for decision making, reducing its time of management by 50%.

Also, by having all the information of a property at your fingertips, online and available from anywhere and through any device, be it the PC in the office, a notebook or a smartphone, it is possible to keep clients well informed of everything related to their properties permanently and with updated data. "This greatly improves communication with our customers, our services and, ultimately, the administration," says the manager of RK Propiedades.
On the other hand, Veronica Roman highlights the connectivity that BREAL Estate allows, since it is a web application. "Executives can be online and do business in that way, too. Because it is based on Salesforce, it is also more secure, which is a guarantee. All in all, we are working so that the BREAL Estate solution effectively serves us for productivity, improving our times and helping us to be more efficient in our work, "she concludes.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of brokerage, RK Properties has been a pioneer in the delivery of real estate services, to establish the concept of insured rent, through which if the tenant does not pay the lease, the firm takes charge for an insured period for your client renter. In addition, being founded by specialists in the real estate area, Mauricio Reyes Villalobos and Andres Kaplan Blamey, RK Propiedades delivers a professional and personalized service, both in the management of sales, leases, real estate administration, development of real estate projects, training of sales forces for own or third-party projects, as well as guidance and real estate legal advice

 well as in the orientation and real estate legal advice as such.

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