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Jaime Ulloa,

Broker, Remax Group.
Santiago de Chile.

Jaime Ulloa de remax group

Re / max, world leader in property management, opts for BREAL for the administration of two of its offices in Santiago de Chile


Providencia and Vitacura are undoubtedly two of the most expensive municipalities to rent or buy properties in Santiago, Chile, a reason that generates a high demand for information.

To face this reality, the offices of  Re / max Group that work in both municipalities, chose to integrate the BREAL platform about a year ago and recognize that its main benefits have been to minimize response times, with detailed information of its real estate offer and Maximize your workforce in each of your offices.

"Today we can delegate new tasks to our team, who formerly had to enter the information for hours or stay extra time to find some specific information about any of our properties" explained Jaime Ulloa, broker of Re / max Group.

In both offices, they also value the order shown by the software when entering the data and display the information, such as the personalization of the files that can be generated for each property.

"The person in charge of entering the characteristics of our properties, simply changed his life and is very happy with the software, because it is easy and fast," Jaime said.

Re / max is the largest property management and real estate brokerage company in the world and is present in nearly 100 countries on 5 continents. In Chile, it has been present for approximately 10 years, with 27 offices throughout Chile.

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