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Maria Jesus Orrego de Orrego y Souper

María Jesús Orrego Souper,

Dueña de Orrego & Souper.

Santiago de Chile.

Orrego y Souper builds trust with its customers thanks to BREAL

What started as a family business has become a first level broker thanks to a fast, orderly and efficient management, through the use of the BREAL platform.

Orrego & Souper is a property broker with 15 years of experience in the field and whose presence in the market is characterized by its closeness to customers and a family seal in the management of its real estate offer.

These features have been strengthened day by day thanks to the use of online software BReal, specialized in the administration and management of properties.

Maria Jesus Orrego has been the main user of the platform and, in fact, arrived at it in a thorough search for a program that would allow her to improve the performance of  Orrego and Souper.

 "I spent a lot of time looking for software that suited what I needed and tried several demos until I got to BREAL," she recalled.

 The broker works about a year ago with BREAL and what she appreciates most about the software is its speed and the possibility of accessing it from any digital support. Before knowing the software Maria Jesus had to enter the data of the properties with which she works manually or using Excel spreadsheets, a dynamic that took time and energy.

 "BREAL has everything I need, it is online and allows you to enter the information you need very quickly. The best thing is that I can enter from my cell phone, tablet or computer, "she said.

 In Orrego and Souper they also recognize that the amount of properties they work with have been increasing thanks to the time that BREAL gives them for their work of brokerage and in the case that a client asks for information, the delivery of this is almost immediate.

"If it is necessary to repair the kitchen of one of our properties, BREAL allows us to quickly identify what kind of kitchen it is and therefore, it is faster to distinguish which is the technical service that we can send to our customers. We can also know when was the last maintenance of that kitchen and to make a general follow-up of the maintenance in each place "explains Maria Jesus.

 For Orrego and Souper, the greatest achievement after the use of BREAL is to consolidate the trust they give to their clients and those who recommend them.

 "I recommend it 100% because it is not an expensive platform, it is very complete, orderly and improves the management of any runner in every way," emphasized Maria Jesus.

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