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Carolina Ortiz de Asset y Lease y Colliers Chile

Carolina Ortiz,

Asset & Lease Administration Manager,

Colliers International Chile, consultora integral de asesoría inmobiliaria y financiera.

Santiago de Chile.

Colliers Chile Opts for BREAL Estate to Manage its Asset & Lease Administration Line


With the online solution of BREAL, the real estate and financial adviser can optimize the management of this area, from any place and at any time via the web. "I have all the information I need from each property with just one click," said Carolina Ortiz, Asset & Lease Administration Manager at Colliers Chile. 

The integral consultant of real estate and financial advice, Colliers International opted for the real estate management solution online of BREAL Estate, to direct its Asset & Lease Administration area in its Chilean subsidiary. "We needed a platform that fully covered the administration efficiently and quickly," explained Carolina Ortiz, Asset & Lease Administration Manager Colliers Chile.

According to the executive, the solution of BREAL has allowed both the firm and its customers to have an absolute order of each of the items involved in the diligent management of a property. "Switching from an Excel spreadsheet to a click has given me mobility, greater operability and independence, which allows me to work from anywhere, whether from the office, a cafe, the property in question or my house," she said.

Also, Carolina Ortiz highlighted the flexibility and ease of use of the application; also the possibility that it delivers to adapt to the particular needs and complexities of the business, as well as the specific requirements of each client. "If I used to manage 10 properties before, now I can handle 50 at the same time and no matter where I am. I can do much more and much more efficiently, such as having up-to-date reports, calculating the monthly rental fee, managing lease agreements or any other detail, since I have all the information I need from each property online and a single click, "she said.

In particular, the BREAL Estate web solution provides all the tools so that property brokers can manage the process from the acquisition of the property. This includes, among many other actions, managing the publication, generating the visit orders, managing the proposals, taking a detail of the different milestones of the process, recording the data of the promise of sale, recording all the payment documents delivered by the buyer and seller (reservation, guarantees, payment of the price), with their respective notarial instructions.

Colliers International is an organization with 485 offices and 15,800 professionals around the world. Its head office is located in Seattle, Washington, and in Chile it has been operating since 1984 leading real estate brokerage and comprehensive integral consulting group.

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